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Chael Sonnen headed for a “grudge weight” but doesn’t name his opponent

Former UFC middleweight title-contender Chael Sonnen recently revealed he is headed for a new weight class. Sonnen, who lost to Anderson Silva in his quest to become champion last month, had been rumored to be pondering a move to light heavyweight.

While he didn’t quite say he’s headed to 205 pounds, it looks like Sonnen is planning on definitely going north of 185.

“It’s not ‘catch weight’ it’s a ‘grudge weight.’ I’ll fight him at a GRUDGE WEIGHT OF 200lbs,” Sonnen wrote on Twitter. “I don’t care about him enough to cut to 185.”

Interestingly enough Sonnen did not actually name the individual being referred to in the statement though many believe the obvious choice is Wanderlei Silva. He and Sonnen have taken numerous shots at each other through various forms of media over the past few years. Silva has been competing at middleweight for a few years now but has also bounced around at light heavyweight during his long career and recently fought Rich Franklin at a catch-weight of 190 pounds.


  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, sure seems like it would be the ax murderer. Then again, that doesn’t jibe with Chael’s recent talk of only being involved in fights that get him a title shot.

    I’d be fine with this matchup. Some genuine animosity between these two & you know Wandy would really be fired up to try to take Chael’s head off or crush his skull with knees.

    But it probably wouldn’t turn out that way and the win for Chael does very little for his title aspirations. More of a money fight, against a guy Chael should be able to handle in the twilight of his career.

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