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Lyoto Machida looking to fight again soon despite #1 contender status

As far as Lyoto Machida is concerned, his next fight does not have to be for the UFC light heavyweight championship. Machida, who formerly held the belt, was named the top contender to the title after knocking out Ryan Bader this past weekend at UFC on FOX 4.

Machida improved to 10-3 inside the Octagon when he caught Bader coming in hard and dropped him. That being said, Machida was defeated by current champion Jon Jones in the second round via submission in a bout prior to his win over the former TUF winner.

Jones is scheduled to face Dan Henderson on September 1 at UFC 151 where the winner will emerge with a date in the cage against Machida assuming all goes according to plan. However, in Machida’s eyes it seems remaining active more important than sitting idly by for a title-shot.

“It doesn’t matter what is my next fight,” said the 18-3 Machida while appearing on MMAJunkie Radio recently. “I would like to fight for the title, but even another fight I would fight.”

“The Dragon” is not expected to miss any time as a result of his bout with Bader and will no doubt be hoping the same is true of the two headlienrs come showtime at UFC 151. Then again, even if not it appears he’ll be ready for action at some point later this year given his desire to compete again as soon as possible.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Now that’s a real contender…

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    With the Jones-Hendo fight only 3 weeks away, Lyoto’s next fight will be against the winner of that bout unless a significant injury is sustained, or a dramatic shift in plans where the winner faces Silva in a superfight.

    Neither seems likely but ya never know. I’d guess we’ll see Jones vs. Machida as part of the Super Bowl weekend card.

    And slightly off topic, Gustafsson vs. Shogun seems fairly obvious for the next #1 contender matchup…?

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    i’d personally rather see a Lyoto & Shogun rubber match than either one of them fight jones again.

    on a side note i was rewatching UFC 87 yesterday and one of the prelims was Jon Jones against Andre Gusmao. dude was just a lanky, awkward, strong motherhubbard. his striking was so rudimentary it was funny. the filthy fucker also had a few good nut shots that he doesnt use so much any more. point is it is exactly 4 years to this day that he made his UFC debut, the change is ridiculous.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m not thrilled with the prospect of Jones facing a guy he’s already finished in recent memory, but if it comes down to Lyoto vs. (IMO) rushing Gustafsson into a title bout before he’s beaten a top-10 opponent, I’d go with the former.

    And Lyoto does have a few things going for him… He looked decent in the opening round against Jones, he looked as good as ever this past weekend (granted, it was Bader), and his dad recycles urine on demand.

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  • Big Stank says:

    I wonder how many fights Machida has left on his contract, if only 1 more, that sets up the option of negotiating a bigger paycheck for the biggest rematch of his life. I can see it now how they hype it ” the only man to take a round from the champ. Now can he finish what he started” or something along those lines.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    I would actually love to see Machida fight again before his title shot. I’m probably the biggest Machida fanboy in the 613 area code, so any chance I get to see my favourite MMA striker is something I look forward to.

    I like the idea of matching him with Gustafsson. It’s a good test for both guys, to see where they’re at. Yes, Jones has beaten Machida already but if Lyoto make a statement with a crushing win over a guy similar in proportions then the rematch is an easier sell. (I do not agree with the comparisons of Jones to Gustafsson, but the UFC is already hyping the idea. Whether I like it or not, if Machida knocks him off then it makes him a much more legitimate threat.)

    Likewise, if Gustafsson wins — provided it’s not something like the Lombard / Boestch fight — then he should be able to make a good case for a title shot himself.

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  • AlphaOmega says:

    Big Stank, I think he said after beating Couture he had 3 fights left, because he was going to try and make a run at the belt again with those 3, he said with the third being the title shot, and then maybe cut to MW if he couldnt get the title back.

    I’d like to see Machida get a streak going before going up against Jones again, Machida is by far my favorite fighter and I’d like for him to have more confidence going into a fight with Bones, then just one win.

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  • Big Stank says:

    I agree he should definatley be on some sort of a streak but it should be against a top 5 guy. I wouldn’t consider Bader a top 5.

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