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Dan Henderson invites Jon Jones to try and TKO him

In a recent interview, UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones expressed extreme confidence in his ability to stop challenger Dan Henderson with strikes despite his iconic adversary never having been TKO’d in the past. He also went on record to label “Hendo” as a “one trick pony” based on Henderson’s propensity for putting opponents away with his infamous “H-Bomb” rather than finding other ways to finish them.

Henderson had a chance to address Jones’ comments this week on UFC Tonight where he shrugged off both statements in typical laid-back fashion.

“Must be a pretty good trick. It’s kept me in the sport this long, especially if people keep wanting to see it,” responded Henderson on the subject of his reputation for knocking people out. “It doesn’t matter. People know what I do and I still seem to be able to do it.”

“As far as being TKO’d, I’d love for him to try. It means he’s coming after me and I don’t have to chase him as much,” he concluded.

The 41-year old veteran, who incidentally celebrates a birthday next week, also commented on entering the bout without having much of a chance in the eyes of a lot of fans and media members who see Jones’ victory as a foregone conclusion.

“I kinda love it. It’s great. I love being the underdog. I like being challenged. I feel like it’s a bigger challenge and I’m gonna step up and prove people wrong. It adds to the motivation, fuel to the fire,” explained the 29-8 Henderson.

Jones-Henderson will meet on September 1 in the main event at UFC 151.

The complete interview with Henderson can be found below:


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