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Rory MacDonald: “Not only do I know I’m gonna win but I’ll probably end up killing him in the process.”

It appears Strikeforce bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey and UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald share more in common than a love of locking horns inside the ring and status as two of the sport’s brightest young stars. Like Rousey, MacDonald recently addressed an adversary and toed the line of acceptable trash-talk if not crossed it completely.

The 23-year old MacDonald’s misstep came after being asked about comments B.J. Penn made this past week referring to his reason for withdrawing from a scheduled scrap on September 22 at UFC 152. In Penn’s eyes, “Ares” used a cut he sustained in training as an excuse to avoid a likely loss in front of his hometown fans.

The assertion clearly didn’t sit well with MacDonald, as he made clear in an interview with SportsNet where he said, “That’s just a bunch of bullsh*t, cause not only do I know I’m gonna win but I’ll probably end up killing him in the process.”

Talk about death is understandably considered extremely taboo in a sport where life and death stakes are literally at play.

Prompted to elaborate on his emotional state, MacDonald attempted to remain calm while explaining how excited he was about fighting Penn in Toronto.

“I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to fight on September 22. Not only cause it was in Canada, but everything was going perfect – my mental side of things, my physical abilities. Everything was on point. I never felt so good,” MacDonald stated.

“He can’t rile me up. I just think he’s a joker. He’s trying to get attention…he can do what he wants. I just want him to accept the fight for December,” he concluded on the matter, also revealing Penn still hadn’t signed on the dotted line for a meeting at UFC on FOX 5 as reported.


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