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Ronda Rousey retains title with quick finish of Sarah Kaufman

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying bantamweight Ronda Rousey has had a tremendous impact on the sport of MMA in little more than a year since turning pro after a career on the mat as an Olympic-medaling Judoka. “Rowdy Ronda” will try to further her rapid ascension to the top tonight when she meets polished veteran Sarah Kaufman in the main event of Strikeforce’s latest card on Showtime.

Rousey will not only be putting her unbeaten streak on the line when she collides with the 15-1 Kaufman but also the divisional title she won earlier this year.

Also scheduled for the show, Ronaldo Souza and Derek Brunson will battle for top contendership at middleweight with other notable match-ups including Tarec Saffiedine-Roger Bowling and Miesha Tate-Julie Kedzie.

Undercard action fires up at 8:00 PM EST on Showtime Extreme with the featured fights unfolding on Showtime two hours later. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be tuned in while relaying live results back to readers as they unfold in real time.

Read below for a list of results including play-by-play for select bouts:


Bobby Green def. Matt Ricehouse via unanimous decision (30-27×3)

Adlan Amagov def. Keith Berry via TKO Round 1 (strikes)

Germaine de Randamie def Hiroko Yamanaka via unanimous decision (30-27×3)

Miesha Tate def. Julie Kedzie by submission round 3 (arm bar)


Lumumba Sayers vs. Anthony Smith

Round 1
Sayers ducks under a right hook, and he takes Smith’s back. They scramble and Smith ends up in the full mount of Sayers. Smith landing punches and elbows from the mount with his legs crossed underneath Sayers. Sayers is cut open from the elbows, and tris to land strikes from the bottom. Sayers is able to scramble to his feet after Smith goes for a submission. Sayers gets Smith down after he slipped, and Smith throws up his legs and sinks in the triangle choke. Sayers is forced to tap at 3:52.

Anthony Smith def.  Lumumba Sayers submission Round 1 (triangle choke)

Ovince St. Preux vs. T.J. Cook

Round 1
OSP came out kicking, and Cook is happy to exchange low kicks with him.  OSP engages the clinch, but Cook gets away. OSP lands a solid right that drops Cook, and OSP lands at least 15 unanswered punches from the top while standing. Ref Beltran was close to stopping the fight, but Cook scrambles to his feet. Cook starts landing on OSP, and OSP backs up and they start exchanging strikes again. OSP gets the takedown, and works a side choke and a key lock, but neither were really close. Cook scrambles to his feet again, and they both exchange body shots.

Round 2
Round starts with both fighters more hesitant than the first round, that prompts ref to call for action.  OSP lands a second head kick, and Cook answers with a body shot. Both fighters are showing signs of being tired, but OSP is throwing the cleaner strikes. OSP lands a low blow on Cook, and the ref halts the action.  OSP shoots in for the double leg, and pins Cook’s head against the cage and moves to side control. OSP moves to full mount after attempting a head and arm choke. OSP lands some ground and pound, and Cook eats some shots before the round ends.

Round 3
OSP, the fresher looking fighter, throws a left hook that knocks Cook clean out at :21
Ovince St. Preux def.  T.J. Cook KO Round 3 (strike)

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Roger Bowling

Round 1
Saffiedine looking to counter Bowling as he jumps in and out of the pocket. Saffiedine is setting up his strikes with nice low kicks, but Bowling is serving up combinations as well. Bowling shoots in for a takedown, but Saffiedine lands a knee that makes Bowling back off.  Bowling rushes in and Saffiedine gets the thai plum and lands yet another solid knee to the body. Bowling backs him up to the cage, but can’t get Saffiedine to the ground. Bowling keeps shooting for take downs, but Saffiedine proves difficult to get down, and keeps ending up with his back up against the fence.

Round 2
Saffiedine is the fresher fighter, and is now stalking Bowling and is landing combinations. Bowling gets an accidental eye poke, and Ref Herzog stops the bout. Fight resumes, and both exchange leg kicks. Saffiedine presses Bowling up against the cage, and is working knees to the legs. Bowling tries again for the takedown, and almost gets it, but Saffiedine stops it again. Bowling still content to land body shots, but Saffiedine is the one controlling the action. Saffiedine is throwing counters off of all of Bowlings strikes, and the bell ends the round.

Round 3
Saffiedine is stalking again, but Bowling is throwing hard shots. Bowling pins Saffiedine up against the cage, but Saffiedine is able to reverse the position and escape. Saffiedine still working leg and body kicks. Bowling’s punches are coming in slower, and Saffiedine is waiting to land strikes when he jumps into range. Bowling finally catches one of the kicks, but is still unable to get Saffiedine to the floor. Bowling shoots in for the takedown, but falls to his knees and Saffiedine takes his back and tries to get the rear naked choke.  With the choke close to sunk in the horn sounds.

Tarec Saffiedine def. Roger Bowling by unanimous decision (30-27×3)
Ronaldo Souza vs. Derek Brunson

Round 1
Souza stalking Brunson and Souza lands a viscious counter right hand that drops Brunson.  Brunson attempts to stand and Souza starts landing punches again. Brunson scrambles to his back, and eats a few shots before he goes out and the ref stops the fight.

Ronaldo Souza def Derek Brunson via KO Round 1 (strikes)
Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Kaufman

Round 1
Rousey closes the distance fast and presses Kaufman up against the cage. Once in the clinch she muscled Kaufman to the ground with an inside trip, and immediately got a hold of Kaufman’s arm from the full mount. Kaufman survived for about 20 seconds, but Rousey was able to straighten it out and force the tap.

Ronda Rousey def Sarah Kaufman submission Round 1 (arm bar)


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