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Dana White teases addition of female fighters to UFC roster

When the UFC opted to add flyweights earlier this year many fans felt the company was done expanding their roster for the foreseeable future. However, according to UFC President Dana White, the world’s foremost MMA promotion is actually looking to add another weight-class sooner than later. And, while he hasn’t made any final decisions on the matter, it turns out the division very well could feature a new gender rather than simply a new weight the organization doesn’t currently feature.

When asked about the matter in an online chat with fans, the outspoken executive mentioned the two options being considered by Zuffa brass are 115-pounders and women (presumably at 135 pounds).

White explained he’d been pleasantly surprised over the past six months after witnessing a number of entertaining fights involving females including, of course, those involving Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey, and stated he was “warming to the idea of women’s MMA”.

“I don’t think I’ve been too shy about what I think about Ronda Rousey,” added White. “She just looked impressive, and not only did she look impressive on Saturday night, her numbers killed it on Showtime, too.”

“Ronda Rousey is a star,” he concluded, also mentioning how pleased he’d been by last weekend’s bout between Miesha Tate-Julie Kedzie.

Though no timetable was offered in terms of when the UFC would act as far as adding either division, it looks like fans shouldn’t be too surprised if Rousey shows up inside the Octagon by this time next year.


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