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Vitor Belfort: “Chael didn’t deserve to fight a guy like Jones.”

Now that Jon Jones has semi-apologized for the cancellation of UFC 151, many fans are wondering how his fight with Vitor Belfort actually came about. As it turns out, the widely-respected Brazilian got the call to face Jones and agreed to take the bout before his bosses had even finished asking him the question. According to Belfort, he would have even stepped in to fight sooner than September 22 if it had been necessary.

“If the fight would have happened next Saturday, I would have stepped in. That’s what I told them: ‘Don’t cancel! There are so many fans, we don’t want to bum them out. They deserve to see a fight. Let’s do it!’ Unfortunately, the wheels were already in motion to cancel UFC 151, but now the fight is scheduled for September 22 at UFC 152 in Toronto,” explained Belfort in an interview with

“When you have a history like I do, somebody like me from the old days, we’re not divas,” Belfort continued “Carlson Gracie, during my first fight against a guy called Jon Hess, said, ‘Vitor, when your mind is ready, you are going to be dangerous for anybody. You have to just think of one thing, never hesitate when a challenge comes. Just do it.’”

In closing, Belfort also said he understood why Jones didn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen, explaining, “For Jones, on a personal level, fighting Chael Sonnen wasn’t worth it. Chael didn’t deserve to fight a guy like Jones.”

Meanwhile, the former UFC champ stated he felt he was a much more enticing opponent for Jones, pointing to the match as a perfect example of old school vs. new school.

“I admire him a lot. He’s the new version of the sport; I come from the old version. It’s a perfect fit. The fans are going to enjoy it.”


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