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Josh Koscheck continues to fuel fire in fued with former trainer Javier Mendez

Typically the connection between coach and pupil is a strong bond. However, former American Kickboxing Academy staple Josh Koscheck and Javier Mendez are far from close and will not be making up anytime soon.

Koscheck, who left the respected training center earlier this year to train at his own gym, has stated on a number of instances that Mendez was the reason for his departure.

The Ultimate Fighter alumnus, who was forced to pull out of a planned fight with Jake Ellenberger due to an injury, continued to fuel the fire between himself and the AKA trainer/coach in a recent online statement.

“Little birdie recently told me Jav was sleeping in his office three days ago & missed practice,” posted Koscheck on Twitter. “I leave AKA & people arer still callin me complaining.”

Koscheck, Mendez and several other members of AKA can be seen each week on the reality TV series Fight Factory.

“After watching fight factory people will realize who the head coach is at aka and who the fighters ‘rely’ on,” Koscheck wrote. “His name is BOB COOK!!”

Mendez, for the most part, has let Koscheck say what he wants in regards to their past relationship though clearly the two won’t be getting together for the holidays anytime soon.


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