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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says hosting UFC event inside Cowboys Stadium is “a goal and dream of mine”

The UFC has started to talk more and more about bringing a stadium-style event to the United States given the potential other nations have shown for packing more than 20,000 fans into a venue. After the success of UFC 124 in Montreal, the promotion targeted Cowboys Stadium in Texas as a possible future home for a record-setting event and has since revisited the discussion.

UFC President Dana White has made passing mention of putting Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva together inside the Octagon, with Cowboys Stadium serving as the perfect backdrop. The unique stadium played host to a boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito back in 2010 which 41,000 fans attended.

Adding fuel to the fire, the owner of that state-of-the-art stadium – Jerry Jones – is all for the UFC coming to town.

“We want to have the big event,” said Jones during an appearance on KRLD-FM 105.3 recently (thanks to Star Telegram for transcribing the interview). “That’s a goal and a dream of mine to have as big of a sporting event as we can at Cowboys Stadium. I can assure you that I’m on the incentive plan to get them in there.”

Cowboys Stadium seats 80,000, but has held several more before. The maximum capacity for the building is 110,000.


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