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Jon Jones: “In no way have I cleared out the division.”

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is on quite the roll.

After claiming the title from Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Jones went on to defend it successfully against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto Machida last year – both former title-holders in the division. He then started 2012 off with a decision victory over another ex-champion in Rashad Evans, and will face another man who has worn UFC gold in the past this Saturday night at UFC 152 in the form of Vitor Belfort.

So, with a win over Belfort, “Bones” has finished off the bulk of his challengers at 205, right? Wrong.

“In no way have I cleared out the division,” said Jones during open workouts Wednesday in Toronto. “Everyone’s style is a puzzle for me, and who knows which style I will have the most trouble with. I’m about to fight my fifth straight UFC champion – which I was told is a UFC record – and I’m very proud of fighting the best guy available in each of my fights.”

In Belfort, Jones says he will be facing a “UFC original, a real, true legend.”

Jones was originally scheduled to meet Dan Henderson earlier this month, but a knee injury knocked Henderson out of the fight. It is believed that “Hendo” and Machida will collide later this year, with the winner moving into the role of #1 contender. Of course, there is also Chael Sonnen to think about as well as rising stars like Glover Teixeira/Alexander Gustafsson.


  • THEGUNNER says:

    I want to see the belt change hands this weekend as well as when gsp comes back just to see a mix up in things. Now that the ufc has 7 belts out there somewhere id like to see at least 7 title fights a year.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    if he has 4 fights in 2013 I’m sure he’ll be pretty done with the division.

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  • Gunner, I’ll second your whole post…
    I think the title doesnt change hands though, Jones is too smart and Vitor is too easy to break when a dominant wrestler is involved, and no one is more dominant than Jones.
    I like seeing a little humility from Jones again, and he’s right, the division isnt cleared until Glover and Gustaffson have lost, and until Henderson gets in there with Bones.
    As for Chael, well, until he wins at 205 hes a total nonfactor.

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  • MCM says:

    Didn’t Jones say the same thing either just before of just after the Rashad fight? I agreed with him then too.
    Glover, Gustaffson, Hendo, Jimmo, Forrest, Lil Nog, Cormier (?) and A.Silva are all potential title fights he could still have. It only takes two or three wins to be in contention in any division (or in some cases 0 wins) so there is still a lot of fights for the guy.
    Personally, I think he’s only gonna defend the title for the rest of 2013, at the most, before he moves up to HW though.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah this is recycled from a month ago.

    Pretty crazy how quickly the overall picture changed at the tail end of August.

    But to me it’s still a pretty clear picture – the only legitimate LHW title contender at this point that Jones hasn’t already beaten is Hendo. The next closest thing is Gustafsson, who’s yet to beat a top-10 fighter. We’ll see if he gets thru Shogun.

    After him, more unproven guys on their way up. So as I said last month, while Jones technically hasn’t cleaned out the division (there’s always gonna be new contenders on the way up), he has absolutely olibeterated the top of the division and after Hendo there’s no one who has proven himself as a title contender (that Jones hasn’t already beaten).

    Hopefully after Jones beats Belfort, they book the Jones-Hendo matchup we all want to see for early 2013. Then Gustafsson would potentially be next in line if he is able to defeat Shogun. But if the UFC does move forward with Dana’s silly idea of having Lyoto fight Hendo next, then it leaves things up in the air…

    – The Lyoto-Hendo fight wouldn’t take place until early 2013

    – After Jones beats Belfort, does he wait around for the Lyoto-Hendo winner, which wouldn’t be able to take place until mid/late 2013?

    – And then if Gustafsson beats Shogun in December, would that earn him a title shot that he would have to wait around until the above scenarios play out? If so, Gustafsson wouldn’t be able to get his title shot until late 2013.

    – Or with a win over Shogun, does Gustafsson get his title shot at Jones before Jones faces the Lyoto-Hendo winner?

    There would certainly be options, but it would be so much messier than simply giving us the freaking fight that a) makes the most sense from a division rankings standpoint, and b) the fans want to see — Jones vs. Hendo in early 2013!! Stop being a stubborn, vindictive dumbass, Dana, and make it happen once Jones beats Belfort tomorrow night.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    word of the day: olibeterated

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