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Dana White “committed” to adding female division to the UFC roster

Twenty-five years from now fans may look back at Ronda Rousey as not only one of the greatest female competitors to ever grace the cage but a legitimate pioneer of female fighting. The 25-year old bantamweight has brought a spotlight on her gender’s side of the sport in the past eighteen months unlike any since Gina Carano’s prime and it appears she has now convinced UFC President Dana White to make history by developing a division for females in the world’s foremost MMA organization.

“It’s absolutely going to happen,” said White in an interview with Sports Illustrated when asked about having women fight inside the Octagon. “(It) could happen tomorrow, it could happen a year from now. The point is I’m committed to this.”

White credited Rousey’s past performances coupled with her attitude and athleticism for helping sway his opinion on the matter. Though the unbeaten champion is still obligated to Strikeforce for three more fights, it sounds like the UFC will do their damndest to bring her over as soon as possible, ushering in a new era as the company continues to grow into a true global entity.


  • Rece Rock says:

    3 more fights is a long time in StrikeForce country…

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  • AlphaOmega says:

    I still say that as soon as she loses, he won’t be so interested.

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  • raker says:

    He’s gotta be bangin her. Photos of them out and about, he’s always talking about her, and he’s considering putting females in the UFC now. Mutually beneficial relationship..:)

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  • RicM says:

    ……Cyborg is waiting………

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