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10 Best Middleweight Submission Artists in the UFC

Talk about a specialist, Palhares’ leglock is like MMA’s version of the Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar Skyhook, you know it’s coming and sometimes you still can’t stop it. The way he manipulates other fighters and puts them into position to snap limbs is simply a thing of beauty. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Do you enjoy people tapping out and/or limbs bending until they break?  Then you will enjoy this list.  These are the UFC middleweight fighters that are, in my opinion, the best at finishing fights by way of submission.  They use their wrestling and jiu-jitsu to rack up wins and rarely miss an opportunity when it presents itself.  Here they are, in order, the top 10 Best Middleweight Submission Artists in the UFC.

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