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Anderson Silva wants rematch with Chris Weidman right away

Anderson Silva wants rematch with Chris Weidman right away

The MMA world was left stunned on Saturday night at UFC 162 after UFC middleweight Anderson Silva was flattened by a well-placed series of punches from new champion Chris Weidman. It sounds like Silva may have also been in shock moments after the finish, stating he didn’t want a second shot at beating Weidman when it appears there’s little else he’d like more.

According to a report from MMAFighting, a source with close ties to Silva said “The Spider” changed his tune within hours of the first loss of his UFC career and would fight Weidman again this weekend if offered the opportunity. As such, an extremely motivated Silva is aiming for his rematch to take place in 2013 rather than next February as initially rumored.

Silva’s stumble to Weidman came after the typically brilliant Brazilian went overboard with his showboating and got caught. The defeat dropped his record to 33-5 and marked the first time he’d ever been stopped with strikes.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I wonder if this is really a power play with Dana, with Dana saying no super fights unless you take the rematch and get your belt back, and Silva saying fine only if you make it now instead of when you want the fight to happen.

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    Probably right Alpha-that being said-I think AS should be able to still call the shots on when and where the rematch takes place-let’s do it in RIO DE JANEIRO!!

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  • AlphaOmega says:

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  • raker says:

    There’s been much discussion about GSP’s mental state it the past but what about Silvas? This is the big leagues where everyone is extremely talented. How can he, in his right mind, drop his hands and fuck ariound in front of another world class fighter? This loss, in this fashion, with Roy Jones in attendance, may be just what Silva needed. He’s extremely talented and if he gets his head screwed in straight we may see the best Anderson ever in the rematch.

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    Anderson will absolutely crush Weidman in a rematch

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  • SBERG says:

    Is it just me or did no one else notice that Silva didn’t start the showboating crap until after he got taken down and punched in the face on the floor? I mean isn’t it just possible he realized then that he couldn’t take Chris straight up and had to resort to drastic measures to turn the tide in his favor?(which he didn’t).
    From what I watched he never mounted any kind of offence at all…No hard punches landed on Chris, no hard kicks. Sure Silva “looked” like he was in control but never put anything behind it. Now that Chris has the belt and the confidence boost that goes with it I believe that with a full training camp to prepare for Silva again he can get another win….Not sure if he knocks him out but I do believe he’ll get the win.

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  • SBERG says:

    I disagree Gike…He doesn’t deserve the right to call the next fight. He was a great champion and deserves all the respect that goes with such a long and astounding reign but he lost…The new champ deserves a proper say so in when and where now…and no way in hell should Silva be givin a rematch in Brazil. Take it to a neutral site.

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    If anyone deserves a rematch-it is Anderson Silva-let the record reflect-I say bring it to Brazil purely for monetary and fan interest purposes

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Silva will get the rematch and win imo. But if he gets ko ed again weidman can get a wun over belfort and a couole other names and end uo a superstar destin for hall of fame.

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