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Clash of the Captions (7/16/13)

Clash of the Captions (7/16/13)

Anyone who has been coming to Five Ounces of Pain for more than a few days understands our community boasts some of the best readers on the MMA landscape. While some sites settle for online trolls and uninformed debate, our crew of loyal followers fill the bottom part of our pages up with interesting ideas, well-thought out points, and of course the occasional laugh.

In that latter spirit, we are running a daily picture pulled from our catalog of USA Today images for our creative faithful to have some fun with by offering up an insightful or downright hilarious caption in the Comments section. Then, each Sunday, the best ones will be pulled for one final retrospective.

Today’s offering comes courtesy of UFC welterweight Nick Diaz. Have fun!

MMA: UFC 158-St.Pierre vs Diaz


  • waitetr says:

    So I have about a minute left which means I can ummm let’s see drop 3 F-Bombs, show my middle finger twice and still have time to complain about the biased Diaz judges.

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  • Screenplaya says:

    See what I mean? This isn’t fighting. Sure, he’s all over me, working my throat like a hand puppet, but this isn’t fighting. This is bullshit.

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  • AlphaOmega says:

    Wait I walked forward, shouldn’t I be winning? That’s all I have to do right? That and be a douche, oh and if I don’t win I’m going to threaten to retire unless I get a rematch, or someone way out of my league

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  • SBERG says:

    ” Whoa!!! Rhonda is sitting ringside in a mini skirt and she’s not wearing panties…Oh Snap!!!”

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  • raker says:

    Settle down Rogan! Alright, I’ll keep my f**king hands off your stash!

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  • darth_irritable says:

    WTF? You mean this is what I got to look forward to in prison?

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  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Keeps that UFC logo camera central = not cut.

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