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UFC Fight Night 27 Bonuses: Condit-Kampmann named Fight of the Night

UFC Fight Night 27 Bonuses: Condit-Kampmann named Fight of the Night

UFC welterweights Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann both came out with something to prove last night in their main event match-up at UFC Fight Night 27, pressing forward into the pocket to exchange strikes instead of approach action more cautiously. The result was an entertaining effort from each rightfully named the evening’s Fight of the Night. Each man received $50,000 extra for the distinction.

While Condit may have scored a bonus for his role in the rumble with Kampmann, he didn’t land any honors for his strike-based stoppage. Rather, Knockout of the Night (and the $50k) went to Brandon Thatch for putting opponent Justin Edwards away in less than 90 seconds.

Finally, Submission of the Night was awarded to Zak Cummings for his finish of Ben Alloway in one of the card’s preliminary pairings. Like the others, Cummings also landed $50,000 on top of his regularly contracted rate.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont like the fotn bonus here as Mizugaki vs Perez was a great battle and much closer than the main event, after the first round it was pretty much one sided. It was a fun fight to watch just to see all the stuff Condit threw at Martin but as for exciting close fights it wasnt even close to Mizugaki and Perez.

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